It’s Friday! And There’s Wine!!!

Yes, it is Friday and yes there is wine. Week ends aren’t my days off. That is Tuesday and Wednesday. Actually they could be any days, but I chose these two.

Over the next two days I have 5 books to finish and review. I already have 10 posts in my saved folder, that won’t be posted until release day for each book. So in the meantime, I’ll fill you in on what’s going on. Nothing. Really just reading. One of the most difficult things about having Anxiety is that you hate to be confrontational. You just don’t want to deal with it. But I had no choice. This week Monday and Tuesday my postman left books in my box that had no room being in there. He knows I’m right here 10 feet from the post box. The reason that I had to speak to him is because the boxes were ripped and could have damaged the contents and they were literallly hanging out of my box.

I was all set to take him to task for this laziness and irresponsiblity. Especially yesterday when I received a notice from Amazon that my box would be delivered today. Which left the 4 hour bath time difficult, so I asked OU Boy to sit outside and give the postman what for and not let my package get damaged.

The postman apologized and said ( and I quote)” It went in much easier from the back, so I didn’t realize the front had a smaller opening.” By this time we are laughing our asses off because we have dirty minds. You should already know that. Then he hands me the box and says Oh, new bra! Β It actually said that on the box. New Bra. I’m thinking of ordering something totally inappropriate just to mess with him. So that’s that!

Have a lovely weekend and just breathe!


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