Anxiety. The What If of Life.


Hope, Courage and Strength. All of these are running through my mind this morning!

Yesterday afternoon the surgeon’s office called to let me know that I will be having my scar removal and corneal transplant on the 23rd of February. We went over all of the pre-op and post-op instructions and then I spoke with the anesthesiologist who gave me his instructions. No eating or drinking after midnight. Not a problem for me. No jewelry, no makeup and bring a shirt that buttons up the front. Not sure about that one.

So I was all at once anxious and glad I now had the date. Since I have promised myself I will not do any more research and look at pictures of eyeballs, I’m not sure how I feel now. Resigned I guess but I’m sure Anxiety will rear her ugly head as I get closer to the date.

Anxiety is that little devil on my shoulder that says ‘Hey, you should make sure your surgeon and all the other O.R. people aren’t on drugs or alcohol. What would happen if one of them had the shakes?’ That is what anxiety is. The What Ifs of Life. Anxiety is not logical, but it does have the power to bring you to your knees some days.

Happy Reading ย  xxPatricia

54 thoughts on “Anxiety. The What If of Life.

  1. Just remember to breathe in…breathe out… deep breaths… and keep reading inspiring books! I just finished reading Shonda Rhimes “Year of Yes”. It was a nice quick read from a powerful TV Producer/Writer. Motivates you to learn how to say yes to things that can benefit your self esteem and life.

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  2. Glad it went well. I had to have a procedure done last year, put to sleep etc, and was very anxious because I’d had a bad experience before – but it went like a dream! So I vowed now to be anxious next time. Thanks for the follow and I’ll be stopping by to see what you are up to.

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