Strong Women The World Over

Reading this amazing look at the President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Women never stop showing me how strong we are when we stand together against corruption in life. Who are the strong role models in your life? What are you willing to fight to the death for?

A lot of questions in this wonderful biography!



4 thoughts on “Strong Women The World Over

  1. I have several strong Aunts and friends. What am I willing to fight to the death for? Well given where I live and my circumstances I don’t have to fight for much. Although our current situation here in the USA is getting a little terrifying. But so far in life the one thing I would fight to the death for is my son. The absolute electric feeling I have inside when I feel he is being mistreated is unexplainable. I have no doubt I would be capable of anything when it comes to protecting him. I turn a little rabid dog for lack of a better visual.

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