The Wonder by Emma Donoghue

The Wonder by [Donoghue, Emma]

From the author of the Best Selling novel Room, also a major motion picture, comes The Wonder. A story of two strangers brought together by a dark secret, and the bond that forms between them.

Lib Wright, an original Nightingale trained by Miss Florence herself as a nurse comes to an impoverished little Irish village on a rather bizarre mission.

Anna O’Donnell is said to have eaten not a thing in over four months. With people coming from near and far to see and touch this “miracle girl”, Lib is to be accountable to a select group in town, which includes the doctor and the priest. Her job is to keep watch over Anna for two weeks. Sharing shifts with another nurse / nun, they are to determine if someone is sneaking the child food or if this actually is some kind of living wonder.

Lib is certain it is nothing of the kind and from the start is sure this will be a short lived job and she will be able to report that nothing miraculous is happenning.

But as the days go by, Lib discovers there is a lot going on here that is just as dark as the room she inhabits.

Ms. Donoghue is a master at weaving these stories full of tension and suspense.  This novel is dark, compelling and the author’s use of language and description are a real joy to read.

This is one which will stay with you a long time. Questions about faith and beliefs will be challenged and in the end, as always, you will be better for reading it!

Thank you Ms. Donoghue!

8 thoughts on “The Wonder by Emma Donoghue

  1. Definitely on my reading list. Loved Room. Heard a radio interview with her in which she was answering questions about The Wonder not so long ago when she was over in Ireland for a bit and was intrigued. She was also asked about her forage into script writing which I found rather interesting.

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