A Blank Page….2017

Just a few days away from a brand new year. Oh the possibilities. It’s like getting a brand new journal. All the pages blank, waiting for you to write your own story. That is my absolute favorite part of the first day of a new year, getting a brand new journal. Each page waiting for me to write something deep and meaningful or rant about things that just tick me off to no end. Or as Daniel Ray would say things that grind my gears!

So far this year I have read 210 books!  Not all of them got a review because let’s face it I don’t think there is a huge audience for Human Resource Manuals and books that were just so bad I refused on principle to even acknowledge them in this hallowed space!

Besides the oh so tacky election shenanigans, the entire eye debacle and the loss of someone dear to me, this hasn’t been the worst year I’ve seen, but it’s up near the top. Which brings me to my AAARRRGGGHHH moments. The Lists.  The top 10 ways to increase your followers, top 5 ways to lose weight, top 10 ways to handle your anxiety….and so on and so on. Seriously these types of lists make me roll my eyes!

I blog because it’s against the law to stand on the street corner and tell people about the books you are reading! I’m not interested in debating religion, politics or money. I am interested in all of you who live in all parts of the world. I love hearing about other cultures and I love hearing about other people’s stories. The food, the fashion, the books, the poetry…I love this stuff. And sports. I love sports.

I’ll have some more really good book reviews and recommendations at the first of the year and until then I am cleaning every corner of my house and eliminating everything that I don’t use. I’ve been inspired by so many bloggers who are living simply that this is the year of simplifying my world.



24 thoughts on “A Blank Page….2017

  1. What a great post, Patty! You made me laugh out loud with the standing on the street corner thing. Sending you and the inspiration for your blog a whole lot of blessings for this coming year. So glad to know you. Big smiles, 🙂 Debbie

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      1. Haha, we are moving this month and I’ve decided to put everything that I really don’t need anymore downstairs. Or things that may not be as great as they were when we first bought them, like the kids kitchen that has all the pieces but one burner. I”m going to do an invitation only grab and run for donations. The donations will go towards a couple friend trying to adopt a baby this year. 🙂 I’m really excited for, although not simple, but simpler start in February.

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