On the 5th Day of Blogmas….

I am really having to dig hard for these!  I feel so sorry for all of you who are already up to your eyeballs in snow…So for today’s #Blogmas post, I decided to share some of my favorite pictures of Christmas Past.

Being 4 is hard!  My Rock Star on the left and right. Whenever the Christmas excitement gets to be too much, strip ’em down, put an apron on them and give them a paintbrush and a cup of water and let them “paint” the walls. Seriously, my little painter loved this.

You may think he’s dressed for an outing on the right but you would be wrong. Every day this boy got up and dressed like he was working for a Fortune 500 company. He did not. He was a model though and still likes to pose at the drop of a hat.

xmas-004  Caught in the act, sneaking chocolates! Oh and I painted that sweatshirt. Seriously, I did.

The left picture is at my sister’s house. Once those french doors opened it was like Black Friday!  On the right our quiet Christmas. My step-daughter looks a bit shell shocked while the Rock Star methodically takes inventory to make sure he got everything on his list.

But my favorite holidays always end here….at the beach!

Like Father Like Son!

Happy Blogging!   Much Love   xxPP

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