Giving Thanks For A Special Girl!

On November 23, 2007, I got a phone call that we all had been waiting 9 months for! It was a girl! The Beautiful Evangeline Lea.



Born to these two cuties Brad and Meridith. And I couldn’t have been any happier!

Born a Cubs Fan! She is her Daddy’s girl! But tempered with the sweetness and kindness of her Momma. She has turned into a lovely person with a beautiful smile and heart. Although we live very far apart, there isn’t a day I don’t think about her, and her pictures hang in every room of our home.

She is a sports lover, just like Daddy and she got to see the Cubbies win!

vangieou  I’m so sorry you had to wear that my darling girl!

She is getting bigger now, Crushing it wherever she goes and whatever she does!

So today, Happy Birthday, Vangie! Keep being you and always know that you are loved to the moon and back!

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