Pet in Peril: A TV Pet Chef Mystery Set in L.A. by Marie Celine

It’s Release Day for Pet in Peril Today!!! Congratulations!!

Pet in Peril: A TV Pet Chef Mystery Set in L.A.Gourmet Pet Chef, Kitty Karlyle, is beginning to have some success with her gourmet pet food business. She even has her own cooking show The Pampered Pet, and with her roommate and best friend, Fran, and her own dog, Fred and kitty, Barney her life seems to be heading in the right direction.

Until Fran decides that Kitty’s pets need some therapy. And when the show’s producers get wind of the idea, they have the perfect tie in. A stay at the luxurious Little Switzerland Resort and Spa for Pets. Only this will be a working vacation for Kitty, her pets will have the spa experience as well as some therapy with a pet psychologist. Kitty is not the least bit interested, but it could mean some new clients for her gourmet pet food business, so she and Fran, along with the television crew and Fred and Barney check in to the Spa.

While Kitty knew she would meet some odd people, she never expected to find a dead body! Or to find out that Fran knew the man. Now she is going to find out who killed the handsome con artist and why. Trust me, there is no lack of suspects in this one!

Cats may have nine lives, but Kitty only has one and it looks like someone would rather she not even have that!

This is a purrfect cozy mystery for pet lovers!

This book comes out on Dec.1, 2016

Thank you to Netgalley and Severn House for letting me read this one!





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