Where Did We Go Wrong???


I don’t know what types of questions or bonds your particular state voted on last night, but I would love to hear!

You will all be pleased to know that that in exactly one year we will be able to buy full strength Beer and Wine at the Grocery Store. Then you won’t have to leave your children in the car anymore while you peruse the Liquor Stores where they can not go in.

We also passed the Death Penalty Question…basically saying Kill ’em anyway you want to.

What didn’t pass was the raise the teachers deserved. Why? Well first see above, then it was because it included an increase in the sales tax which would have made us the highest tax in the country. Which offset any raise for the teachers here. And Lord knows this state needs them!

We also passed 2 mental health initiatives bringing more funding and less putting folks in jail for minor drug offenses and using that money on mental health.

And thank goodness the Right To Farm Bill tanked. Really Oklahoma, I know you haven’t been a real state for long, but we’ve been farming for years. We don’t need your permission.

All I’ve seen is nastiness on Twitter. Thousands of people who just opened Egg accounts jut to tell Rosie O’Donnell to get the f**k out. I also noticed he got the most votes from under educated white men and women.

The only good thing I see is that not a darn one of us has to be Politically Correct anymore! And for all of you Rich White Guys, I also called ICE this morning and gave them your names and the names of your illegal workers. You voted for him….

You are Welcome…xxP (from the Caymans)



7 thoughts on “Where Did We Go Wrong???

  1. The funny thing is that although we are two countries separated by one of the longest borders in the world we share similar and different ideas that get passed. Like how you have a state to state decision on things like the death penalty and teachers and mental health so do we from province to province and some things MUST be nationwide(we just don’t have the death penalty anywhere up here). This is where a lot of things go wrong because how can you be a country when you are governed individually by state or province and still have one national leader? In my province and every other one it’s Federal then Provincial and then municipal and then it breaks down to areas from that so why do we even have a prime minister or president? Of course there are plenty of arguments that be made here but aside from that we just get on with our daily lives and yet the bigger picture affects us perhaps not directly but indirectly and hell even sideways. Our Federal government sent 800million dollars down the pipe to mental health last year but that went nationwide and not for each province and a lot of that money went to places that have programs for mental health and a good part of that went to administration and raises etc not to the people who have children with mental health issues because the province just nipped the program for parents with children with autism to be cut off at age 5. What?! Autism just doesn’t go away and what are parents supposed to do after their kids are 5? Of course if the politicians had kids with mental health concerns they’d be well taken care of and piss on the average person who is struggling to stay afloat. The problem is that North America seems to think they are better than everywhere else in everything yet when you look abroad they compare themselves to countries that are on the verge of being 3rd world status, communist, dictatorships and not ones that are revolutionary in health and sciences or equal treatment to every citizen regardless of wealth or social standing. Yes we’ve come unglued and have for some time now but what do we know as citizens right? Perhaps this makes no sense all jumbled and thrown together in one giant rant but it goes along with what you were saying above and it’s time that something needs to be done about equality and quality for all. Sorry for my tirade and tangents…off my proverbial soapbox now but I agree with you hands down hundred percent.

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  2. The best line of your post we don’t need to be politically correct anymore..cant stop laughing…in India we r divided into two halfs…the elite and secular half is cursing trump and the anti Muslim second half is showing their gratitude at temples

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