Hello, Everybody!


I’ve decided to stop saying TA DA! whenever I enter the room and instead be like Sophie on Two Broke Girls and just say in my best Polish accent...Hello Everybody!

Last night I was sitting perfectly still on the sofa when the sofa started moving…it felt like some kind of B movie worm was struggling to get up out of the ground. It was a 5.0 earthquake however. And we had aftershocks all night. Today is just downright gloomy, with rain on the way.

Tomorrow I hope everyone in the U.S. will be going to vote if you didn’t vote early. Remember, we aren’t only voting for the next President, but for our other elected officials as well as whatever State Questions you all have up to vote on. We have a Farm Bill, a Mental Health Bill, and a bill to be able to sell wine, beer and liquor at the grocery store and on line, which we can’t do now.

By now I know who and what I am voting for/against. But this liquor bill has answered a lot of questions for me. When we first came to Oklahoma my mother in law asked us to stop at the Texas border and pick up a case of beer. Odd, I’m thinking, they don’t have beer in Oklahoma? Well yes they do but it is 3 point something beer, not the hard stuff I guess. All I know that is when I went to the Liquor Store to buy wine and asked if they had any chilled they said Oh no, we aren’t allowed to sell chilled anything or corkscrews. People may drink on the way home. Dear Sweet Chianti! 


So get out there and vote so I don’t have to keep going to Texas for Alcohol!

Sincerely….Your Captain.

17 thoughts on “Hello, Everybody!

  1. I don’t know, I think Ta Da! Is quite funny over Hello, Everybody. never watched the show you mention though I know of it from the commercials. I’ll have to use the Ta Da bit next time I go to someone’s house. I’ve been to Oklahoma! This past April actually! Very cool ! Didn’t know that parts of the state was a Dry town concept! My friends in Georgia live in a dry town which also baffles me because up here in Canada there’s no place “dry”!

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