HOME by Harlan Coben

Home by [Coben, Harlan]

Myron and Win are back…and you know there’s going to be trouble! Win is still searching for his cousin’s son who along with another 6 year old disappeared 10 years ago. When Win spots one of the boys, Patrick, in London, he knows it’s time to call in his buddy, Myron.
Good to see the gang back together. All determined to find out where the other missing boy is and if this Patrick is actually the one that was kidnapped. His mother is guarding him like a pit bull, not cooperating well with Myron and team, so Myron pulls in Mickey and his friends Ema and Spoon. Who knows teenagers best? Other teenagers. This was probably my favorite side of Myron. When he is with his nephew’s friends and they are all working together.

Bottom line…who is this boy and where is the other one? Someone knows and people will die. As always Coben has given us a really good mystery that leads to questions we all hope we never have to answer. What would you have done?

At first I though this would be like Coben’s The Five which was aired on Sky TV last year and it was amazing!!! But no, this was a totally different story. He is just that good.

I hope we see more of Win! He is my favorite book character!

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