Welcome to the Mud Room

A lot of stuff goes on in the mudroom on the farm. Babies are raised, seeds are started and dirty shoes and boots are left for the dirt fairy!


The only time they go inside their own house is at night. Somehow everyone gets along here. The dogs love the hens and the cows and they are loved right back.

Vicki, Susi, and Vangie like to sit and sing on the porch most of the time. And don’t even think of changing their positions.

They like to come in for a visit. That’s Red there on the left, looking for Gracie Lou the Shih Tzu and Vicki on the right looking for a pick up game of Guitar Hero. And no, they never poop inside. They are ladies and gentlemen.

Barbara showing off her Halloween costume and the rest running to see the new decorations for Halloween.

Gracie and her friend having a chat about the day.  Our neighbor Farmer Dave says we are the oddest farmers he knows. You are likely to see me in my farm boots and a dress cleaning the hen house and OU Boy in flip flops mowing the yard followed by 12 fat hens and 2 fancy dogs.

Life happens in the Mud Room. And we are always happy to have people stop by and have some tea and get some chicken love!

The babies had their own YouTube channel for a while. Colonel Sanders and The Nuggets.

I am so happy that Edmond proper and some of the other suburbs around OKC are now getting into the Urban Chicken Movement and we support them wholeheartedly and while we don’t eat our hens, they do produce the best eggs. Our extension agent tested them and couldn’t believe how good they were. We are also AWA approved which is important to us as we are all about free range and organic foods.

Basically I’m just showing off my girls here…What is your favorite room in your house?



43 thoughts on “Welcome to the Mud Room

      1. Well I’m pretty certain that if there was a chicken I was not scared of it would be yours. 😉

        My husbands Uncle has chickens at his farm that run about. I thought they were behind a fence and when I walked around the corner of the barn they were just all over….I screamed out a VERY not lady like word in front of all these good old boys and ran like a bat out of hell. They thought it was one of the funniest things they had ever seen. Needless to say, this Yankee acquired no southern street cred that day.

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  1. I see no images of baby cubs, just chickens. Lovely photos indeed, my favorite room of my abode is the dungeon it is were I concoct all kinds of nefarious ideas :). Like Chicago Cub voodoo dolls, plotting harm to strippers that have harmed me, just basically all kinds of stuff. 🙂

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  2. Those chickens are way too cute! And they look so healthy and happy. My favourite ‘room’ is the outdoors underneath my house where I have lots of baby plants growing and at the moment it smells divine with the Queensland frangipani trees in full bloom. Also a bonus is that it requires no vacuuming !

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      1. We live on a steep piece of land and our house is mainly built on poles. It’s dappled shade underneath with strips of sunlight shining through the upstairs decking. I’m attempting to create a subtropical forest under there 🌴

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  3. I love chickens. Years ago, I raised two. They love to nestle just above my breasts under my shirts. They are like puppies always followed me around. When they grew up, we found out we had a rooster who loved to crow; then we discovered we were not zoned to raise my precious babies.

    My husband took them to a farmer friend. I never saw them again. Broke my heart. I fell in love with my fluffy chicks. Their feathers are so soft. Thanks for the memories. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. ❤

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