The Guestbook(Madrona Island Series 1) by Andrea Hurst

The Guestbook (Madrona Island Series 1) by [Hurst, Andrea]

On Madrona Island, Washington, Miss Maggie has successfully run the Madrona Island Bed and Breakfast for years. Now at the end of her life, she looks back at The Guestbook and remembers all of the wonderful guests she has had and how much they enjoyed staying at Maggie’s B&B. She is also remembering her only grandchild, Lily. So close when she was a little girl but then whisked away by her mother, never to see Maggie again. But Maggie knows in her heart that Lily will come back.

From the outside, it looks as if Lily Parkins has it made. A handsome husband, a huge home in Brentwood and expensive cars. She really doesn’t even have to think for herself as her husband excels at that. Until the night she discovers he has been unfaithful.

Having been left the B&B on Madrona Island by her grandmother upon her death, Lily goes to the only place she has ever really felt was home. Back to Madrona Island.

Is this where she is supposed to be? Can she even run an Inn? Should she just suck it up and go back to Brentwood and her controlling husband?

This book was a story of second chances, on yourself,on love and on living life on your own terms. The characters were real and most of them have their own stories to tell and I am sure we will see more of them soon. I hope so! Especially Kyla and Jude.

The descriptions of the food was spot on. My nose was twitching and my mouth was drooling!

The second book in this series is Tea and Comfort


About the Author:

When not visiting local farmer’s markets or indulging her love for chocolate, Andrea Hurst is an author and literary agent. Her passion for books drives her to find and write stories that take readers on a journey to another place and leave them with an unforgettable impression. She is a developmental editor for publishers and authors, an instructor in Creative Writing at the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts, and a webinar presenter for Writers’ Digest. She lives with her two dachshunds in the Pacific Northwest, on an island much like the fictional Madrona, with all of its natural beauty and small town charm.

Her published books include The Lazy Dog’s Guide to Enlightenment and Everybody’s Natural Foods Cookbook , and she co-authored A Book of Miracles: Inspiring True Stories of Healing, Gratitude, and Love with Dr. Bernie Siegel. To learn more about Andrea and her books, visit AndreaHurst.com6553580

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