The Un-Anniversary Anniversary

On August 11, 2007, I got married. Seriously, I

At OU Boy’s grandparents farm. It was one of the happiest days of my life. 20160811_121608_resized

Some backstory here for those of you who don’t know. In 2002 I was a totally messed up widow. My therapist tells me the messed up part is natural after finding your 36 year old husband just doesn’t wake up one morning. On a Friday in June I woke up and an hour later I was a widow. The following year was hell. This was way more than I could wrap my head around.

I got rid of everything and moved to an apartment on the beach. Every morning I woke up, walked across the street to the beach and walked for 3 miles and then plopped my self down on a towel and took a nap until 11:30. Then it was a jump in the pool to cool off and float an hour, then shower, change and go to work. 20160811_122608

After more than a year of this routine my son brought some friends to my place for food. I would say dinner but really these guys just wanted some food. OU Boy was one of those boys, well he was 24, but still a boy. They all left except for one. He went to Southern Miss. and was a cheerleader and wanted to show me his backflip. And ask me out.

Next thing I know there is a knock at the door and it was OU Boy. He looks at the cheerleader boy and says ” Let’s go”. The boy left.Image result for male cheerleader gif

A few weeks later my son was run over by a car. Literally.After the surgery and once his Dad had flown in and taken over I went home and here came OU Boy with my son’s jacket that had been left on the ground. I’m sitting on the sofa blubbering away and the next thing I know he’s kissing the brain right out of my head! We didn’t leave the apartment for a couple of days and received a note on my door about noise along with a duffel bag that OU Boy’s room mates had left, saying they thought he wasn’t coming back. He did not. Ever.

Even after my son told him, “Dude, you don’t want to date my mom. She will dump you in 3 weeks tops. It’s just how she is. Also she is probably a witch”. All true statements.

After a year he started proposing and I kept breaking out in a rash every time the M word was mentioned. Then there was Katrina and we ended up in Oklahoma. His people are here and I fell in love with them from the first meeting.  So I told him that once a certain closet in our house was full of all the wedding things we would need, I would marry him.

People were so afraid I would run that I am pretty sure not only was the Chief of Police there but I think half the force was also. Lining the driveway.

It was a beautiful country wedding with friends, family and a band along with some goats.


OU Boy making sure Everyone signs that Marriage License!

I have to be honest and say this guy loves me more than I deserve. A few years ago I decided I couldn’t do the Married thing anymore. It made me itch and I felt trapped. So we got a divorce. It was just in my head, but we have been together now for 13 years and I love him more than my horse.

So today we will still celebrate our anniversary because for once in my life I am going to see something through to the end!

Love you Babe xxP

17 thoughts on “The Un-Anniversary Anniversary

  1. God, Patty, I am so glad that I came across this post. You have such a courageous heart, do you know that? Thank you for sharing this. Sending you and your partner so much love, happiness, and all the blessings. And to your son too. Feel free to be in touch anytime, I think you are great. ( ~Debbie

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