Congratulations to the winner of 2016 #ComedyBookWeek People’s Choice Award!

Thanks to Ana and everyone involved! Of course Portia! I am going down the entire list of books featured. So happy to have found some intelligent and funny books!


The results are in โ€“ please put your hands together for Pirate Patty ofย Books, Books and More Books, who will be taking home the last award of this yearโ€™s event, Peopleโ€™s Choice Best Book Review:

Best Review awardPirate Pattyย was nominated by Portia Porter because โ€œher reviews are intelligent, witty, to the point, elaborate and fast.โ€ Mysterious Patty, known to us only by her gorgeous blonde hair, is a voracious reader of thrillers, mysteries, paranormal, and classics. Lucky for us, authors, sheโ€™s also a prolific reviewer โ€“ have a look on her website for her past reviews and TBR list.

On behalf of #ComedyBookWeek participating authors, I would like to once again thank all bloggers who have participated in this yearโ€™s event. It was a mad, exhilaratingย ride, and we look forward to an even bigger splash in January โ€“ the intake for authors will open in just a few daysโ€ฆ

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