The term written as “parlay” on the Pirata Codex was known as a right in the Code of the Pirate Brethren, set down by Morgan and Bartholomew, that allowed any person to invoke temporary protection and brought before the captain to “negotiate” without being attacked until the parley is complete.

The information below is from the 1940 Census. The Walsh’s are my people. As you can see, I wasn’t kidding about the Pirate thing.

Griffin Walsh Junior

  • 1940 United States Federal Census
  • Father: B G Walsh
  • Mother: Carrie L Walsh
  • Birth: 1929 – South Carolina
  • Residence: Blackbeard Island, McIntosh, Georgia – Age: 11


Image result for blackbeard island georgiaImage result for blackbeard island georgia

Image result for blackbeard island georgia

A beautiful place which is now a protected area. We were also on neighboring Sapelo Island, where my Grandfather worked for R.J.Reynold’s Plantation.

Now that we have established my sordid background, let’s get back to the title, Parley?.

It has been over two weeks now wearing this patch on my left eye. The pain is receding but I did something last night that I need to make right. Pain is a nasty little sucker. It can turn the meekest person into a raging lunatic.And if you know me then you know I am no where close to the word Meek.

For over 2 weeks I have been biting my tongue, being brave and trying not to kill anyone but last night I unloaded on OU Boy because I saw he had some whorish girl following him on Twitter. He doesn’t even know how Twitter works. I had just jumped on a kernel of something and blew my cork.  All I remember is him looking at me like I was Linda Blair from the Exorcist. Even I didn’t understand what was wrong with me.

So to teach him a lesson I slept in the crib. Yes, yes I did. Well, I didn’t actually get any sleep. It’s a crib, you know?

First thing this morning I called OU Boy and cried Parley?  Thank the Gods that this man loves me something awful, because if the shoe had been on the other foot, I would have just shot him and put him out of his misery. But not him. Never him. He knows me.

He knows I am scared out of my mind that I will never see again out of that left eye. He knows that I am barely keeping it together inside because I am so afraid. And the biggest thing he knows is that not being in control of everything in my world is not something that has happened a lot. Of course there have been situations, mainly deaths, that I couldn’t control, but the rest of my life was locked down. And now, I am in control of putting the drops in my eyes and taking my meds. That is it.

This is a man who had 2 heart attacks at age 32 and open heart surgery not to mention numerous stints. Here he is lucky just to be alive and I’m throwing Scarlett O’Hara worthy hissy fits because one of my eyes is blind. So today this is what I feel like.


And to the man I will always love, I am sorry. Don’t everyone pass out at once, remember I can’t see you all laying on the floor! xxoo P


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