And Life Goes On….

Yes, yes it does.Β  And let me say that I am appalled and offended. But let’s start at the very beginning. Today is Thursday, I am guessing and that means that I have had this “thing” messing up my left eye for 13 days now. Here is how I got to this point.

Monday night we were watching a movie. I fell asleep wearing my contacts. The same contacts that are for sleeping in although I don’t. Woke up next morning and took out the contacts and my left eye was really red and sore. Flushed it out and by the middle of the night I had no vision at all in that eye and no pupil either. So off we went to the E.R. with me babbling like a crazy woman about losing my eye sight. It must have looked pretty bad because things moved really fast from there, with the reception lady holding my hand and calling me poor baby and all. When I started to take off my sun glasses and show the other nurse she said, “Oh, honey, that’s okay, you just keep that covered.”

I’d say it was just minutes until they had the i.v. in and had shot me with some narcotic I won’t even try to spell.Β  The more pain I am in the quieter I become. I concentrate on that pain and just curl inward until it leaves. Normally. But this is my eye and that is way different. I read. A lot. I was more that a bit panicked.

The nice nurse came in and said “ No food or drink for you at all, we are transferring you by ambulance to a higher level trauma center that the McGee Eye Institute uses. We’ll give you another one of those (insert narcotic) before you go.”


I told OU Boy to call my Momma. It’s my answer to everything. Call Momma. She’ll know what to do. Within minutes I was on multiple prayer lists, even though she had to call the Lutherans to get my sister’s chain added. Thank all of you who are praying and thinking about me and my poor, pitiful eye.

I can only squint for so long so this is about it for now. Basically I am living in a dark cocoon with 4 different drops going in my eye every hour on the hour. And they mean that shit! Every hour. Plus some oral antibiotics. Mean doctors come in and poke and prod and make me cry and yesterday one doctor said it looked better and one said it looked the same. I’ve exchanged him for another doctor.

I am so lucky to have a Partner in Crime who has anticipated my every need and reminds me why he is my best friend. We have wicked, morbid views on what is funny and during pain free moments he makes me laugh so hard.Β  I have decided to look on this as an opportunity to observe human behavior up close and personal and find ways to make them funny. I came to this decision after almost throat punching a man for calling me “Little Darlin'” it just seemed better than going to prison with just one good eye.

Up Next:Β  Paging Doctor Jason Bourne to ICU2




10 thoughts on “And Life Goes On….

  1. oh my god, as an avid reader, I couldn’t imagine that happening. I don’t even know how you wrote this, I hope everything gets better


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