It is Summer once again, the time when children are out of school, teachers are recovering in their own ways ( Hey, no judging here!) and people begin taking Vacations.

I had not thought about my last vacation, and I am playing extremely loose with that word, until yesterday when the good Skipah, over at Skipahsrealm ( No he isn’t part of my Pirate crew but runs his own ship quite nicely!) wrote a post mentioning he was packing up Ms. Madison and their motley crew of 3, and heading to the ultimate vacation spot, the exotic state of  Wisconsin. Land of cheese curds and cheese heads.

That got me thinking (don’t say it!) about the last vacation I had that wasn’t combined with a funeral. And here is how that went.

A group of friends were going to the lake to camp for a week. Seriously all I heard was Lake. I had no idea what camping involved but Walmart did and $250 later I had all the things I would need to be a camper. I had so much stuff in the back of the truck I’m sure people on the interstate thought I was moving.

The gray tent is mine and the red one is Mike’s. I brought a queen sized blow up bed. 800 thread count white sheets and pillows, with a white down filled comforter. My friends are still giving me grief about that, but just because you’re in the woods is no reason to sacrifice comfort!

My organizational skills did not  go unnoticed by the other campers. My vintage tablecloth was the talk of the park.

We are most definitely City People, notice the can of lighter fluid we used to make fire.

I think the other campers thought we were planning on moving in. Notice the vintage tablecloth!

 The only part I enjoyed.

If you haven’t been camping before, heck, why start now?! Besides the lack of electricity, the gazillion bugs, both flying and crawling, not to mention the family of raccoons who casually climbed up on the picnic table in the night and helped themselves to my banana bread… there is the sunburn part, where you dare someone to touch you or even breathe in your general direction because it is 102 degrees and you are sweating like a whore in church ( No offense intended) and then night falls and you are freezing your bum off.. because of said sunburn. We won’t even talk  about the toilet facilities. A toilet and a bucket of water to flush it. This is me the first night. Had to borrow a big hoodie and of course it had to have the name of the college that my college despises on it, but hey I was cold and obviously calling for help. ( notice phone)

This is me the second night.

I’m next to the pool. I’m calling it camping. In the end, camping is a dirty, buggy, messy, costly affair, it’s basically just sleeping in the woods. Hello serial killers!!!

But no matter, I’ve been to Wisconsin, I would still take the camping.

xoxo P

10 thoughts on “THE VACATION FROM HELL

      1. For some reason, I need to be reminded that I like nature but I don’t like like it. Probably because I have friends who go camping for fun and I like them so I go, vow never again, then slowly get talked into it over the next year or so.


  1. Thanks for the shout out :). I like how you camp! Thankfully I won’t be “camping” when I go to Wisconsin. It will be in a cottage house right on the banks of Green Bay. Also from one city slicker to another a good fire starting tip is to use tiki fuel instead of lighter fluid :).

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  2. I fucking hate camping. We are cottage people….I love the outdoors. Hiking, fishing, boating, ALL THE OUTSIDE THINGS.
    Except sleeping there. That’s for the birds. Literally.
    I’m with you on this one, been there done that, distant memory.

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