Die By The Pen by Miles A. Maxwell

Die By The Pen

Naomi Soul, former Olympic athlete, is now a kick butt FBI agent. Her partner, Xue Sang has already saved her life once and probably will again.

The two are having a down day on the beach after wrapping up their latest case in Florida. Before they can leave however a famous author and his wife are found murdered on the east coast of the state. The murders are as bizarre and violent as the author’s own books.

When another best selling author is killed on the other side of the state, patterns begin to emerge. Is someone really taking out the NYT best selling authors? What could possibly be the motive?

As the body count continues, Naomi and her partner race the clock to find who could be the next victim and who is responsible. The ending will leave you with your mouth wide open!

Publishing a book is getting to be harder and harder unless you are a Big Name, and this book speaks to all frustrated writers. Because of the truths in the book, I actually spent a lot of time smiling and laughing. Yes, it is graphic and brutal, but it’s also very true and that made it funny!

If you are struggling to get your book out there, read this! You may learn something new or you may just give a fist pump and yell YES!

I am so glad that we are going to be seeing more of Naomi in the next Reason book. Thank you Mr. Maxwell! Well done!


Miles A. Maxwell is the author of Loss of Reason and Search For Reason, books one and two in the State of Reason Series. The third book of this series will also feature Naomi Soul.

Both of these books are available now as well as Die By The Pen.

From the Author:

The State Of Reason Mystery series was not created quickly, but carefully. Plotted, crafted and edited — over not weeks or months — but a period of fifteen years. A friend once told me “Great Books aren’t written, they’re re-written.”

With that in mind, once I became financially independent, I spent nearly every waking moment (and a lot of dreaming moments as well) working full time for more than fifteen years, on nothing but writing these stories, the people who inhabit them — Franklin, Everon, Cynthia, Victoria and all the others (some not yet Revealed) — the places they go, the things they do. Studying languages, religions of the world, economics, history, philosophy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, aviation and psychology.

These books are my magnum opus. This series is my masterpiece. Every bit of understanding, empathy, focus, wisdom and appreciation for life has gone and is going into these books. I truly hope you enjoy the two that are available now, with more to come.

An IFR certified private pilot, Miles speaks bits and pieces of ten languages, surfs, skis, sails and scuba dives.

I can say without a doubt that Miles is one of the most intelligent men I have ever had the good fortune to get to know!  I highly recommend his books!

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