Why Do We Fear a Constitutional Convention?

Something we all need to read!


Many people do not realize how close we are to a Article V constitutional convention. Article V of the US. Constitution allows for 2/3s of state legislatures to petition Congress for a convention. Thirty-two states have asked for such a convention over the issue of a balanced budget amendment. Two more states and the threshold has been reached.

Weโ€™ve never had such a convention, not since the one that tossed out the Articles of Confederation and replaced them with the US Constitution. There are a lot of people who are terrified of such a circumstance. Theyโ€™re right to be circumspect, given that history. Article V puts no limits on the topics, so โ€œanything goesโ€ is a possibility. On the other hand โ€ฆ

We are at a point in our history where the ballot box no longer works. It especially doesnโ€™t work if youโ€™re a conservative because neither of the twoโ€ฆ

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