Forty Rooms by Olga Grushin



In the book Forty Rooms, by Olga Grushin, it seems to all come down to choices. We see her life through forty rooms. First the rooms in her families Moscow apartment. Each room is a choice, or a decision to be made and the next room is the outcome of that choice.

The first part of the book is her childhood in Moscow, how her parents and friends influence her and I thought it was beautifully discussed.

The second part of the book is when she ( we only know her as Ms. Caldwell ) leaves for college in the United States. Another choice, another action. Trying to be a poet, have a family. You gain one life and you give up another.

The last part of the book is The Present. Where after all the choosing and all that she has been through and done, in the end her life was that of most women.

This is a book that is complex, sad, beautiful and complicated and I am so happy that I read it!

This book was released in 2016 by Penguin Group.






2 responses to “Forty Rooms by Olga Grushin”

  1. That sounds so different from anything I’ve read. I’ll add it to my reading list. Excellent review.

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    1. It’s not a long book, but it is very different.

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