Day One: Three Day Quote Challenge

Welcome to my first day of the Three Day Quote Challenge! Thanks to Lindsay over at her blog homehugshuskies. If you haven’t been there yet please do! Lots of good things going on over there!


I am a real Quote hoarder! I have Pinterest boards full of nothing but Quotes. I’ve seen some really great quotes in this challenge, the ones I’m going to focus on are on what I know best, The South. And today is all for Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone With The Wind. Born on November 8, 1900 and died August 16,1949. Gone With The Wind was her only novel published during her life. And even won a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

... Wind Rises: Cody Decker Vs. Margaret Mitchell and David O. Selznick

margaret mitchell quotes and sayings Quotes  Margaret mitchell famous quotes 4 Collection Of Inspiring Quotes ...

Three Rules for the Three Day Challenge:

3 Day quote Challenge Rules

Today’s nominees are:

Khaya Ronkainen, writer of the most lovely poetry. Definitely check out her page!

Gary Matthews over at  Gary is hilarious and sarcastic and writes about life and his ongoing battle with the legal system and how it treats Fathers.

Chloe over at  She writes about food and tea and her blog makes my mouth water every day!

Participating in this challenge is not compulsory, but reading your chosen quotes may benefit someone who really needs to read it.


Thanks for reading and thanks again to Lindsay for this great opportunity.

Please feel free to share your own!  P

Don’t hesitate to comment below.




14 thoughts on “Day One: Three Day Quote Challenge

  1. Just saw this, I’ll try to get right on it this week. Miss Madison is about to do her first product review and I’ve got to get something together for this new gig I picked up. ((Patty))—That me giving you a hug for the shout out!

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  2. Aww, many thanks Patty for the shout-out! I’ll try to respond to the challenge at some point, it might take time:). Love that quote by Margaret Mitchell. ‘Tis courage indeed, we need more than reputation.♥


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