Cover Reveal for ‘Repent at Leisure’

Author Stevie Turner’s new Cover Reveal for Repent at Leisure. Sounds like a great read!

Stevie Turner

As you may have heard, I recently signed a contract with Creativia Publishing for my latest women’s fiction novel ‘Repent at Leisure’, which will be published soon.

The story is told from 2 perspectives, that of Paul and Anita McAdam, and focuses on their relationship leading up to and after their marriage.  Anita knows that Paul once lived with another woman, Catherine Taylor, who was found dead at their flat, but there was never any evidence or suspicion suggesting that Paul had been involved in Cat’s death at all.  However, Paul becomes strangely prone to increasing bouts of temper and aggression after their marriage, and Anita begins to see another side of her husband that she never knew existed.  In Paul’s darkest hours Anita cannot help but think about Cat Taylor’s death……

Here’s Creativia’s cover, which I’d like to share with you.  Creativia have a great Street Team of marketers, and many of their books are Amazon bestsellers. …

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