The Princess Wore Plaid by Karen Hawkins

The Princess Wore Plaid (The Oxenburg Princes, #2.5)The Princess Wore Plaid by Karen Hawkins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Princess Wore Plaid by Karen Hawkins is the next in the Princes of Oxenburg series. A spin off of the Duchess Diaries series.

The daughter of the King of Oxenburg, Tatiana is beautiful, pampered, and wealthy.. Off to her cousin’s wedding in the Scottish Highlands, her coach ends up flipping over, sending her flying. When she comes to she has no idea where or even who she is. After walking for days, she finally knows who she is but who will believe her?
In a strange country with no funds, no skills and no proof of who she is. Now the Princess must become the servant.

Lord Buchan has been through his own accident and is just as lost as Tatiana is even though he has everything a man could want, he is terrified of involving himself with someone who could leave at any moment, he has already lost so much. Could a Princess choose to remain in his country and his heart or will she return to her home and leave him alone and shut off from the world once more?

Will love win out?

This was not my first Karen Hawkins book. I enjoy her descriptions of the people and locations in her books. Very well researched and the characters are all smart, strong women.

I received this book from Netgalley and Simon and Schuster in return for an honest review. Release Date is set for March 21, 2016

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