Women in Writing

Happy Monday morning! Hope you all are dry and warm.

I wanted to talk a little about something I took part in yesterday. If you don’t already know Elle’s Friends and Book Blog by Elle Ramsey, you probably should.

Yesterday was Elle’s one year Blogovirsary on Facebook. And to celebrate, she sponsored an event with and All Day party of authors, readers and bloggers.

I actually sat in front of my computer the entire time! Almost 12 hours!

Some of the authors I knew and some were new to me. Which is always nice to find. There were tons of giveaways each author got about 30 minutes to tell us about themselves and their works.  I can’t begin to count how many people joined in but my computer was dinging until late last night!

It was a great way to talk to your authors and get a bit of insight into how they work and what’s coming up next.

But, as I was sitting here laughing hysterically at some of the questions and answers, I thought, Wow, so this is what women supporting women looks like. Hundred and hundreds of posts and questions and not a single mean,snarky comment made. Simply all of us helping to push forward the books we like. Banding together to help someone see their dreams come true.  And I was proud. Of all of us.  Can you imagine the power we could wield with that kind of love and support if all women were doing this? Helping instead of tearing down, true happiness when one of our group makes it and continued support for whatever we need as long as we need it?

Thanks, Elle for being an amazing blogger, writer and party thrower!!

You can check out her blog at :www.bkschocolateandlipgloss.blogspot.com

or: Elle’s Friends and Books.



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