Loss of Reason (State of Reason Book 1) by Miles A. Maxwell


Loss Of Reason (State Of Reason Mystery, Book 1)

Our worst fears have been realized with Loss of Reason. A nuclear device has swum directly in front of our own Coast Guard into the heart of NYC.
In seconds lives are obliterated as well as businesses, electrical plants, and any sense of reason.

Following the lives of Franklin Reveal and Everon Student and the sister they each share with one parent, Cynthia, we meet them all just moments before the big bang.

Cynthia is in the middle of the blast zone, along with her husband and baby. Franklin and Everon will do what ever they need to do to try and get back into the city, while the military tries to keep them out, to rescue their sister and her family.

This book is full of wonderful, kind, compassionate characters as well as the selfish, arrogant and ignorant type.

I think a lot of us think this is the way things would play out if someone had the audacity to attack us. The title says it all, a total Loss of Reason.
I was very happy that Mr. Maxwell gave us a peek at the second book, which I will read! I am not sure how many books will be in this series, but I would definitely recommend it!

I was given this book through Booktips for an honest review!

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