Open Book Blog Hop December 23 – 29th 2015

Stevie Turner

Open Book Blog Hop new banner 1This week on the Open Book Blog Hop we’re talking about how we spend the Christmas holidays.

The afternoon of Christmas Eve is usually spent with my youngest son and his wife at my daughter-in law’s parents’ house.  For some years now we have always eaten Christmas dinner with them.  I’m not domesticated in the slightest, I hate cooking, but fortunately my son’s mother-in-law Sue loves it.  It therefore works quite well for me; we provide the turkey on Christmas Eve, and Sue cooks it on Christmas Day, along with mountains of other juicy fare, and I don’t have to cook a thing!

Christmas Day is quite busy this year.  During the morning we will visit my 91 year old mother, who is refusing to leave her flat for the first Christmas ever.  After grabbing a sandwich back at home we will then visit our eldest son, his wife and two children for a couple…

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