The Unbecoming of Jonathan Jones (An Unlikely Hero Book 1 ) by BK Lyon

Product Details

When one thinks of Super Heroes, Jonathan Jones is probably not the type that first comes to mind.

A depressed superhero, desperately trying to be “normal” meets his dream girl and the adventure begins.
The multiple plot lines along with short chapters keep you engaged and wanting more.

A unique take on the Boy meets Girl story as well as the Superhero story. We have come to expect the action, and seemingly all powerful traits of the Superhero stories, but this one gives us the human emotions that most of those stories are missing.

Can you be a Superhero and still be depressed? It seems you can. Mr. Jones may be an unlikely superhero but a hero he is.
The underlying voice of depression comes through as only someone who has been there can make us see.

I was very glad that this was Book 1 and I will definitely read Book 2! Congratulations Mr. Lyon!

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