The Warren Omissions (James Flynn, #1) by Jack Patterson

thewarrenomissionsJames Flynn, former CIA operative and now a journalist, has rubbed a few people the wrong way over his career. Revealing evidence that Ronald Reagan had used his resources to spy on his Presidential opponent, a report his CIA bosses would have rather kept buried, has made him a celebrity with the Conspiracy Theory crowds and he’s often called on to comment on stories that fall into that category.
When new evidence begins coming his way about the JFK assassination, it’s just too good to pass up, even though he’s been warned to stay off that particular road.
When his first source is murdered after speaking to him, Flynn knows he must be on to something good!

There are several overlapping plots with the CIA, the President and Vice-President as well as a Communist group, and Mr. Patterson, kept me pinging back and forth and still not knowing who to trust and whose motives were going to win out. Will this be another JFK type assassination or will we be at war with Russia?

I especially enjoyed this one, because it really was about Flynn and his thoughts and actions even though each character has their own agenda, Flynn’s is about the truth.

If you like fast paced thrillers, this is your book. I think it’s a safe be that we all know the government and the CIA lie to us a lot, so this plot is very believable.
My favorite line in the book tells us quite a bit about Flynn. ” Just understanding the level of dishonesty in the world was enough to make any man cynical”. And while Flynn may be cynical, it feels like he hasn’t lost all hope quite yet.

Mr. Patterson is someone I hope we will be hearing a lot more from!

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