Mindscrew Part One: A Sam Jameson Espionage and Suspense Thriller

mindscrew1Mindscrew is the final book in the Devolution trilogy. Sam Jameson is back and doing what she does best. Rescue good guys and kill bad guys.

With out even a small break after her last adventure, rescuing her love, Sam is back in the thick of things tracking down Mondragon, who has used his computer skills to steal unimaginable sums of money. On a tip that he has gone to Costa Rica, she rounds up her team and off they go. However once they arrive, something doesn’t feel right and once again, Sam goes “off script” and does what she does best….kick ass and take names.

If you haven’t read Devolution yet, you can start there because once you read one, you just can’t stop until you have read them all.

I can’t wait to see what Mr. Emmerich has in store for us next!

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