Forever Changed by Mona Ingram

The Forever Series Book One

When Ariana’s doctor tells her she has cancer, she isn’t surprised. Her mother, aunt and her sister were taken by the same disease, so it wasn’t a big shock that this time it was her.
Ms. Ingram has captured exactly how the things that are truly important can become crystal clear in an instant when one is faced with their own mortality.

As we follow Ariana’s journey we see her change from a people pleasing, timid wife of a less than supportive or even honorable husband, into her own true self. She faces this cancer head on and it turns out she has amazing strength and courage. It was wonderful watching her come into her own.

The Forever Series of books are each about women at some turning point in their lives and this is the first one I have read. The wonderful thing about this series is that each book stands alone. You can read them in any order you like.

This was my first Mona Ingram book, but it will not be the last. I’ve already ordered more!


Forever Changed (The Forever Series Book 1)

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