The Rant: Feel Free To Join In

This year I’ve had the privilege of reading some really good books.  And thank you to all of you who  worked so hard and have had your work published and your hard work is beginning to pay off.

One thing I’ve noticed over the past year is how difficult it is for new writer’s to get their work even looked at by an agent.  Now I know there are only so many agents and I can only imagine how many queries they receive, but as I read industry mags or websites, they are asking for new material.

I have been reading some authors for many, many years. And with some rare exceptions, a lot of them seem to be just phoning it in at this point. When you can state with certainty before you even read the book, what is going to happen, that’s just phoning it in.

While I have read a lot of good books this year, I’ve noticed I’ve stopped reading some of my authors who I’ve been with since Book 1 because I already know what the book is going to be about.

Readers are looking for something new and fresh. OH, there will always be a market for the vampires, werewolves and wizards, and serial killers. But this is a new world, a new time and a lot of new readers. We are looking for stories that blow our mind.  And to that end I’m going to tell you about a few that have blown not only mine but quite a few readers.

Superhighway by Alex Fayman

Everyone I have let read this book has the same reaction at the end. NOOOO!  When does the next one come out? Is this going to be a movie?? It’s a book that people of all ages are just nuts over. Travel through the internet? It’s a computer dream!   So why isn’t someone snapping this up?


The Cicada Prophecy by J.R.Mcleay

A genetic engineering techno thriller! People have been dreaming of the fountain of youth forever. Well in the year 2065, bio-engineering has made that dream a reality. The world is now run by 11 year olds who will never get any older. It’s a medical, science fiction dream of a story and I would love to see it in movie form.


The Secret of Heaven by Felix Alexander

When I read this book it took me days to come out of it. Angels and Demons is child’s play compared to this work.  This is one of those books that should go straight to the big screen!  It has inspired more conversations in my household than any other book I’ve ever read, and trust me there are very few I haven’t read. While Mr. Alexander has 2 books on Amazon, they deal with very different material.  If I were an agent and received the synopsis of this book, I would be on a plane quickly.

These are just three of the wonderful pieces of work I have read this year. And I’m writing about them because we have so many people writing about the past and present, but what about the future?

There are many more works I could go on and on about and I probably will.

I just would like to see some agent look beyond the big names they’ve been handling for eons and step outside their comfort zone. Because I can tell you two of my favorite famous authors have books coming out soon, and I can tell you what is going to happen in those books. Someone will die, someone will chase them down and the bad guys will die and we’ll wait for the next book. Only this time I’m not even excited to read them and doubt that I will.

Sorry people but we are ready for new ideas. And all of you well established authors, help out your fellow writers!  If you are truly a writer there really is nothing else you can do. Oh, you may work and take care of your family, but to live you need to write.

Thanks for listening and please feel free to jump in at any time, but keep in mind, this is not a democracy, it’s a monarchy. Mine.  Much love.


4 thoughts on “The Rant: Feel Free To Join In

  1. Patricia, thank you for your kind words regarding my scifi novel The Cicada Prophecy. That is one of the aspects I worked hard to accomplish right out of the gate: to write a book with a totally original premise that would stretch reader’s minds regarding the possibilities with the new and emerging medical science of cellular aging.

    Regarding the publishing process, I actually did manage to land a major New York publishing agency for my health book Be Your Own Health Detective, but we just couldn’t get a publisher to take the book on. It’s terribly difficult to get a mainstream publishing house to take on a new author unless that person has a large and built-in media platform with millions of followers.

    The good news is the Amazon Select has really leveled the playing field to a significant degree by providing a ready-made forum with tons of motivated readers and browsers who can find and buy our books. Both of my books are rapidly moving up the sales charts and actually making me a manageable living, so I can dedicate my time entirely to pursuing my passion, which is writing (more) books!

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