The Bride Wore Dead by EM Kaplan

How does a Food Critic end up investigating a brides death? Josie Tucker, said Food Critic and lover of all foods, is asking herself the same question.
Just a tiny slip of a girl, Josie is in a funk. The paper is making cutbacks, she may or may not be hot for one of her best friends, and to top it off, her stomach has decided to stage war on itself. Suffice it to say Josie is having a bit of a bad run. Her doctor/friend wants her to go to his cousin’s spa in Arizona to try and find out why her stomach has rebelled.
When she is roped into being a last minute replacement for a bridesmaid by her friend Susan, she does it, but she’s not happy about it.

When the bride dies at the same spa as she was referred to, she is asked to do some amateur investigating. What she finds is a small town where everyone knows everything about everyone.

There are no punches pulled with the telling of what happened to the bride. I cried, I laughed and I completely fell in love with Josie Tucker.
I am definitely going back for more!


The Bride Wore Dead, A Josie Tucker Mystery (Josie Tucker Mysteries Book 1)

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