Her Sweetest Downfall by Rebecca Hamilton

As a fan of The Forever Girl series, this was the perfect companion book to give me a more in depth look at Ophelia. Her background and what drives her.
Fans of the paranormal and of The Forever Girl series will enjoy it very much. Although a part of the Forever Girl Series, this book holds its own as a great read. The author has done a really nice job of putting everything together.
When we meet Ophelia, she is trying to hide an odd tattoo that has shown up on her neck. She doesn’t know what it is or what it means. And with barely enough time to cover it, she is sent by her Mistress to deliver a message, through the woods. On the way she is saved and whisked off by a man she doesn’t know and isn’t sure if he is there to help her or kill her.
The things he tells her are hard for her to accept, but as we know, she does accept them and his love.
Ms. Hamilton has a wonderful way of telling a story and making us feel deeply for her characters. I look forward to much more from her!


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