Superhighway by Alex Fayman

Superhighway is the thing we computer geeks/hackers call a dream come true. What a wild ride, zipping through the internet with Alex Fine.
When we meet Alex he is about to leave the orphanage he has lived in since the day the good Ms. Jenkins had received him as a newborn. Not knowing his parents, even his real name, if he has one.
Alex is a handsome and brilliant teenager ready to head off to college when things take a turn he could have never seen coming. The orphanage gets a computer lab. Late one night working alone in the lab, looking at hot cars and beaches, like a normal teenage boy, his monitor goes blank. Checking the power cord he finds it plugged in, so he unplugs the internet cable, intending to plug it back in, but all of a sudden he is actually in the internet. Zipping at amazing speeds, he tries to figure out what happened to him. He sees a red light, heads toward it and Poof he is on a beach looking at the same view he was last looking at on the computer back at the orphanage. And not in L.A. but Hawaii.
As we watch Alex try to come to terms with what is happening to him, we also watch him struggle with his conscience. With all of the information on the internet, he can instantly change peoples lives and fortunes. What would you do with access to the FBI,CIA and every bank in the world? I personally like what Alex did.
The age old question of just because you can do something, should you? But this is Science Fiction, so Alex and the rest of us must suspend reality and just go with the story.
Does he screw up? Of course, he’s a teenager. But he is a moral, human, and kind person and while his methods may be a bit in the gray area, his intentions are good.
One day he meets two other people like him in the net. He follows them home and meets someone who not only knows what he is doing, he also knows about Alex’s parents.
Will his quest for revenge end badly? You’ll have to read the book for that answer.
This book is one you will want to read in one sitting. And when you are done you’ll probably ask exactly what I did. Is the movie out yet???
Mr. Fayman has given us an excellent story and I hope Alex Fine will be around a long time in print and in film.


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