Ghost Light by LeeAnne Hansen

Ghosts, mysteries, intrigue and romance. Fiona has found a little family in her acting troupe. Each one has a distinct personality. And all of them have their own agendas. Celebrating their latest success on the stage at the local pub, they are approached by an odd man with an even odder request. They are asked to leave on a train headed to a desolate part of Scotland. Fiona’s crush, Patrick, gets his own letter and is none too happy about it. He knows this place and hasn’t been back in years. And he does not want to go now. However, they do go and Fiona is hoping this will be her opportunity to seduce Patrick. Something about this place, this theater, has all of them acting oddly. I thought I wanted it to end one way and ending up loving how it didn’t!

You know you have a winner when you keep repeating WHAT? in every chapter! Ms. Hansen definitely knows how to write ghost stories.

Ghost Light

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