The One with the Most Followers Must Win!

Today I am just going to say this. I don’t really care if you agree or not.  If you are on Twitter or Instagram or even Facebook now, you are probably familiar with the radiohead, twitter jukebox and any other number of sites that guarantee you thousands of followers who will push your book, agenda, you, or whatever you want.

I find this offensive, and just cheap. It floods my feeds which I hate. Trust me, if I believe in you and/or your work, I will happily put your name out there all by my own little self. But if you have joined one of those services, you will be deleted.

I don’t need thousands of followers who don’t even know me or what I do and probably haven’t read your work anyway! It’s just a contest to see who can have the most followers on any social media site.

Whoever dies with the most followers doesn’t win. Your work should speak for you, the rest is just annoying drivel.

Thanks and have a warm day!

2 responses to “The One with the Most Followers Must Win!”

  1. Patty, totally agree. I use SocialOomph to vet my new followers and anyone that has ‘Buy X Twitter followers for only $Y..’ is immediately deleted. I can’t believe how many of these spammers there are on Twitter. Are there really that many people who fall for this trick that thousands of people make this their entire platform? Why isn’t Twitter filtering every account with this appeal in their profile and automatically deleting these accounts? Thanks for all your great content on this blog!

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