The Well: A novel by Catherine Charter

Ruth and Mark have decided to chuck it all and move to the country. Mark has always wanted to farm and now that he has been cleared of child porn charges, it seems like a good time for a fresh start. The find The Well. A 30 acre slice of green, lush, heaven. Which would be great if only the rest of the country wasn’t in the midst of a horrible drought and water restrictions. The suspicions of neighbors and the government are aroused and what follows feels like a witch hunt. And then The Sisters show up. Ruth gets caught up with Sister Amelia’s cult or whatever it is she has and soon her grandson is dead and Ruth is locked up for burning The Sister’s caravan. Now she is back home under house arrest and will do whatever it takes to find out who killed her grandson, even if it’s her. By the time I was half through, I just wanted to know When will it end?? I’m glad I got it at the library and didn’t buy it.

The Well: A Novel

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