The Cicada Prophecy by J.R. Mcleay

Mr. Mcleay has taken our obsession with youth and longevity and has given us a wonderful novel of what the future could be.
With his scientific background he puts forth a hypothesis that will have you questioning the age old question of evolution vs. creationism.

The Cicada Prophecy

Just because we can should we? Is it okay to mess with Mother Nature just because we can, or think we can?

The characters in his book are very real, well developed and I can see this actually happening someday. In the future children never reach puberty, so those pesky little hormones don’t begin to move us towards death. You may be 50 years old, but you remain physically at 11. Obviously there needs to be some way to insure the continuation of the species and that is where the Queens come in. Harvesting eggs for future use and giving birth to the next generation of Queens. Violence is low, hormones are kept at precise levels so we don’t have people running on their hormones. It would seem fairly logical. But greed and religion seem bent on destroying that.

This book did what the best books do. It makes you think. What if? Would I? We see the lengths people will go to now to remain young or at least maintain the appearance of youth so is this line of thinking really so far-fetched? I don’t think so.
I would not only recommend this book, but I’ll read it again!

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