Crossbones Episode 1 by Stefan M. Nardi

Pirates and the Fae! Who wouldn’t love this?

We are dropped into the action from page one. With the Whittaker brothers, Dean and Eldric, just trying to keep their pirate ship The Black Phoenix from being destroyed by a nasty storm. After being knocked around and passing out, they awaken in another ship filled with slaves, shackled together, with the situation looking pretty dismal. Their ship has been taken over by a slave ship and in that escape attempt we find out the brothers have powers. Strong Fae powers. With the help of the Elemental Erasmus they fight to free the slaves and get back their ship.

The brothers have plans of their own, but Erasmus can tell them who they are. They don’t know their fathers, they just know they have different fathers and the same mother, but when their village was raided, they escaped somehow. The news Erasmus has for them is about to change their lives I believe.

I love books about pirates, magic and the Fae. I really wanted more of this series, like right now!

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