Children of the After: Awakening (book 1) by Jeremy Laszlo

This YA book by Jeremy Laszlo was something I thought looked interesting. It is the first book in this new series Awakening.
Jack is a typical teenager in Chicago, doing the normal teenage things, when one day his father tells him he must take his sister and younger brother into a vault which his father had built in their high rise apartment and stay there until he returns. After months of no word and supplies at an end, Jack makes the decision that they must leave the vault and find out what is going on and why hasn’t his father returned.
Once they open the vault, it is to a world no longer there. No people, nothing but burnt out homes. The story follows Jack, his sister Sam and little brother Will as they set out to find out what happened and where did everyone go.

This is going to be must read for the 10 and up crowd on your list. Can’t wait to read more of the adventure.

Awakening (Children of the ...

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