A Death in the Family: A Detective Kubu Mystery By Michael Stanley

adeathinthefamilyStartled and shocked by that phone call none of us wants to get in the middle of the night.Assistant Superintendent David ‘Kubu’ Bengu,the best detective in the Botswana Police, is scared and concerned. Who would want to kill an old man? What was his father doing out so late at night and how did he end up dead? I received this book in return for an honest review. I honestly had not hear of this series but I’m really glad I finally did.

Set against a magnificent background in Africa, the detail is very good, and I learned more that I have ever known about parts of it.

But back to the story. Obviously Kobu can’t work on his own father’s death investigation, but as things start heating up in the area and more people start dying,he tries to do his own digging.

Why would a high government official commit suicide? Why would a town turn into a mob and beat and murder its Chief? Could the mine company trying to expand have anything to do with this? Are the Chinese behind it? Well, you will have to read the rest for yourselves, because I’m going back to find the other Kubu tales and read those!

This book is well written and even I wasn’t sure until the end and you know I love an ending when I go “What???”

Congratulation to the author on a very good mystery!

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