Gabriella Carmichael has written a novel. Pouring all of the horrors and nightmares of her life into it. And she has plenty of both. Only one fan believes the book is prophecy and that he is The Beast of Babylon and he will stop at nothing to claim his bride and offer up her son as a sacrifice so that they may rule together. Every character in this book is flawed in some way. Everyone is keeping secrets. Are the memories Gabriella Featured imagehas memories or fantasy? When she gets no where with the police with her stalker, she goes on the road with her son and her former father in law. She heads to the only place she knows she will feel safe.
But it is also the place that all of the horrors of the last time she was here come back to her. And even with the tiny amount of peace she does find, she knows it is all leading up to a showdown with The Beast.
It’s amazing what the mind will lock up neatly in a box inside your head until you are ready to deal with it.
The great thing about Ninie’s book is that it feels real. The characters feel like people you know, they are dealing with how to protect the ones they love and how to forgive themselves for what they didn’t mean to do. I’m really glad I found this book as well as Ms. Hammon. 5 stars on this one!

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