Momma and the China

The last time we were at Momma’s house, I was putting a cup in the dishwasher and noticed there was a Chinet, styrofoam paper plate in there. ” Momma,” I said, ” Why is their a paper plate in the dishwasher?” ” That’s our china,” said Momma. “Huh?”, I say. ” Well, it’s perfectly good and they wash up just fine, so there is no sense throwing it away.” Again, I say, “Huh?” I check up in the cupboard and sure enough there is a tidy little stack of “china” right on top of the regular stoneware dishes. Now I thought the draw of a paper plate was that you can toss that sucker in the trash, thereby saving yourself the trouble of washing, drying and putting it away. Doesn’t that just defeat the purpose? What is the point of buying them then? That was one of those times when I realized that my Momma is getting funnier the older she gets. Things she would never, ever, in a million years allow in her home, are now just perfectly acceptable. Like the M & M situation. I was talking to Vicki on the phone and had to sidestep some M & M’s on the bedroom floor. ” Hold on, I say, there are M & M’s all over the floor from Baleigh”. “Oh Lord, says Vicki, I bet that’s driving Momma nuts”. ” Actually, I say, it was her idea.” So I am thinking the older you get the less things bother you. Why bother keeping up appearances now? Who gives a rat’s hiney if there is candy on the bedroom floor when the only person seeing the bedroom is you?! Maybe we shouldn’t have children until we are in our 50’s or such. By that time you pretty much know that a dirty house is NOT the worst thing that can happen. Nope, not even close. And she also knows way more than I do about current pop stars. Here we sat watching the Grammy’s or some show like that. I ask her ” Who is that group singing?” ” Oh, I don’t know, she says, I don’t listen to country music.” ” What??!!”, I say. I am shocked as shit, cause growing up the Grand Ol’ Opry was on the radio every Saturday and I swear my Momma looked just like Tammy Wynette! This next part just blew me right out of the water. ” Oh, look, she says, there’s JayZ and Beyonce'” I don’t think I know this person at all! Is this what cable has done to us? Why in the world does my Momma know who JayZ is? It must be all this American Idol mess. No matter, she is way up on current events! You go Momma!

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