Momma and the China

The last time we were at Momma’s house, I was putting a cup in the dishwasher and noticed there was a Chinet, styrofoam paper plate in there. ” Momma,” I said, ” Why is their a paper plate in the dishwasher?” ” That’s our china,” said Momma. “Huh?”, I say. ” Well, it’s perfectly good and they wash up just fine, so there is no sense throwing it away.” Again, I say, “Huh?” I check up in the cupboard and sure enough there is a tidy little stack of “china” right on top of the regular stoneware dishes. Now I thought the draw of a paper plate was that you can toss that sucker in the trash, thereby saving yourself the trouble of washing, drying and putting it away. Doesn’t that just defeat the purpose? What is the point of buying them then? That was one of those times when I realized that my Momma is getting funnier the older she gets. Things she would never, ever, in a million years allow in her home, are now just perfectly acceptable. Like the M & M situation. I was talking to Vicki on the phone and had to sidestep some M & M’s on the bedroom floor. ” Hold on, I say, there are M & M’s all over the floor from Baleigh”. “Oh Lord, says Vicki, I bet that’s driving Momma nuts”. ” Actually, I say, it was her idea.” So I am thinking the older you get the less things bother you. Why bother keeping up appearances now? Who gives a rat’s hiney if there is candy on the bedroom floor when the only person seeing the bedroom is you?! Maybe we shouldn’t have children until we are in our 50’s or such. By that time you pretty much know that a dirty house is NOT the worst thing that can happen. Nope, not even close. And she also knows way more than I do about current pop stars. Here we sat watching the Grammy’s or some show like that. I ask her ” Who is that group singing?” ” Oh, I don’t know, she says, I don’t listen to country music.” ” What??!!”, I say. I am shocked as shit, cause growing up the Grand Ol’ Opry was on the radio every Saturday and I swear my Momma looked just like Tammy Wynette! This next part just blew me right out of the water. ” Oh, look, she says, there’s JayZ and Beyonce'” I don’t think I know this person at all! Is this what cable has done to us? Why in the world does my Momma know who JayZ is? It must be all this American Idol mess. No matter, she is way up on current events! You go Momma!

The Last Safe Place by Ninie Hammon

The Last Safe Place by Ninie Hammon

Gabriella Carmichael has written a novel. Pouring all of the horrors and nightmares of her life into it. And she has plenty of both. Only one fan believes the book is prophecy and that he is The Beast of Babylon and he will stop at nothing to claim his bride and offer up her son as a sacrifice so that they may rule together. Every character in this book is flawed in some way. Everyone is keeping secrets. Are the memories Gabriella Featured imagehas memories or fantasy? When she gets no where with the police with her stalker, she goes on the road with her son and her former father in law. She heads to the only place she knows she will feel safe.
But it is also the place that all of the horrors of the last time she was here come back to her. And even with the tiny amount of peace she does find, she knows it is all leading up to a showdown with The Beast.
It’s amazing what the mind will lock up neatly in a box inside your head until you are ready to deal with it.
The great thing about Ninie’s book is that it feels real. The characters feel like people you know, they are dealing with how to protect the ones they love and how to forgive themselves for what they didn’t mean to do. I’m really glad I found this book as well as Ms. Hammon. 5 stars on this one!

Infallible by Derick Hudson

Infallible by Derick Hudson

Abe Sheridan, aged 30, needs a bone marrow transplant, like yesterday. As an only child whose mother has died, taking her secrets to the grave. Including the name of his father, perhaps the only person who can save his life.
So begins his search for his father. Along with Sr. Isabella, a young, conflicted nun and a varied cast of characters, some of whom want him dead, because what he finds out could quite possibly bring down the entire Catholic Church.
There’s torture, murder, scandal and in graphic detail all of it. So why was I laughing out loud? For that you’ll have to read it yourself! And I highly recommend that you do.
Derick Hudson has invented his own genre and I for one am hooked!

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Sugar by L. Todd Wood

Sugar is a novel from L.Todd Wood, who is a genius in mixing the historical facts and fiction.
This book takes us from the slave trade in the Indies to the Islamic influence in the Middle East.
A wonderful combination of historical fact and fiction.

His talent for breaking down complex events, not to mention their continuing effects on us today and what those consequences are is done in a way that is easy to read and understand. Mr. Wood’s books are always entertaining and educational. A combo you can’t beat.

This is a must read book in understanding our relationship with Muslim extremists and America.

5 Stars. I think we may need Mr. Wood in Washington!

Currency by L.Todd Wood

Currency by L.Todd Wood

Well written novel by someone who is an expert on the subject matter. From hunting pirate treasure to modern day political intrigue.  Covering 3 centuries, it is one gasp after the other. It is always a bonus when an author can not only entertain you with their writing, but also educate you in the process. I promise you that if you read this novel, you will learn things that you will never forget and as for me, it has put me on a more pro-active stance on what is going on locally and globally. A must read.  Please make this one into a movie!

Truth or Die by James Patterson with Howard Roughan

truthordieThe title says it all. Patterson and Roughan are two of my favorite collaborators.  Trevor Mann, an attorney, has had a bad time of it. Being disbarred for having a conscience, he is now teaching of all things Ethics. He has a great girlfriend, Claire, who is a tenacious reporter and things seem to be going great. But if you have read any Patterson work, you know that isn’t going to last long and it doesn’t. It will take everything Trevor, and now his “source”, more like sidekick, Owen, who is off the charts genius oh and works for the CIA in one of their even more secret areas, to figure out who are the players in this game and to stay alive long enough to prove who killed Claire and is trying to kill them.

Another great read from Patterson and I really hope we see more of Owen. He was a very interesting character.