Mad Dog House by Mark Rubinstein

maddoghouseThis book had me up all night. It begs the question can you ever really leave your past in the past? Can a person’s basic nature really change?  This Surgeon and CPA think that they have. Life is great in the suburbs with nice homes, perfect wives and children. It could be any of your friends or neighbors or even you.  But, and you knew there was going to be a but, one day an old friend from the old neighborhood shows up with a “too good to be true” business venture. For a short time all is well and money is coming in but Danny is uneasy, something isn’t sitting right with him. The Manhattan steakhouse they’ve invested in looks good from the outside,but some of the clientele is a bit mobbish looking. While Roddy is happy with the CPA end for the first few months,soon things just aren’t adding up. It’s when they try to opt out that things start getting nasty. It’s then that they have to decide exactly how far they will go to protect their family and the way of life they have built for themselves. It is a brutally honest book that took me days to get out of my head.

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