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Let’s talk about books. What type of book do you like to read? Do you stick to the same authors or are you willing to take a chance on something radically different from your norm? I have a cluster of authors that I gobble up the new books they put out like a binge eater…all in one sitting. And in between waiting for said authors to put out the next book, I have a group of “fill in” authors. And then there are the ones I read because I am so very curious about everything. It has been pointed out to me that my reading list is probably linked to Homeland Security but how can you have an opinion on anything if you haven’t fully researched it?

On my bookshelf you will find every James Patterson novel, every Laurell K. Hamilton, every Stuart Woods, Harlan Coben, Catherine Coulter, Iris Johansen, Anne Rice, Laura Childs, Tom Clancy, George R.R.Martin, Kim Harrison, Kathy Reichs, Patricia Cornwell, Lisa Scottoline, Lisa Unger, Karin Slaughter, Don Winslow, Sara Blaedel along with all the classics. I don’t do romance books, no heaving bosoms or glistening abs for me.

Reading is a magical thing that can take you places you would never have access to in the living world. I love everything about books. The cover, the feel, and smell of the paper, it all has to come together for me.  Books are like a good friend who stays around.

So here we are going to be talking about books. What we’ve read, what we are reading and what we hope to read. I find it so interesting that two people can read the same book and have totally different takes on it. But that is the fun of books and imagination. Everyone is different and I am intrigued by those different opinions.

Stick around for some really good, new authors I have found and feel free to make suggestions and comments!   On Twitter, @GaPirate  Email me at piratepatty@hotmail.com. Have your Marketing people or Publisher contact me for reviews. Top 1000 Reviewer for Amazon. Vine Voice on Amazon. Follow along on Instagram @PatriciaFairweatherRomero

126 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. “Reading is a magical thing that can take you places you would never have access to in the living world. I love everything about books. The cover, the feel and smell of the paper, it all has to come together for me.” I love this and feel the same way! Great post. ❤

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  2. Hi!
    If I remember correct, we have the same first name (?). I noticed you are a frequent follower of my website/blog and thus high time I check in with you regularly too 😉
    My favorite genre is psychological thriller; favorite authors – Preston&Child.
    Kind regards from a neighbor on our globe. XxX

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  3. I like to keep a wide range of genres. I have a high number of classics, biographies that are mostly about writers, nonfiction is whatever catches my eye, but they’re mostly historical. I’m currently reading In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume. I do wish that I was a faster reader so that I could get through more of my books. They stack up much too quickly (if there even is such a thing).

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      1. It’s called, “The Uncertain” and it’s a philosophical coming of age story.

        It takes place in a room for a majority of the story and the main character draws inspiration from their surroundings to discover the story. Personification plays a huge part in the first parts of the story.

        The plot is minimal but I hope that readers follow along as the main character and find things that speak to them and who they are in the uncertain.

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  4. I tend to read books by certain authors and stick to it for a while. Although I have been trying to get out of my bubble every once in a while. I know someone that reads a lot of James Patterson and I’ve liked books she’s recommended to me before so I might have to get one of his books eventually.

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